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Internet for business

In modern realities, any business needs the Internet for its development. This need is due to the fact that for the full functioning of the company, employees must have free and fast access to information, be able to coordinate actions, as well as monitor the business processes of the company in real time.

Internet from SOLA is a stable access to the Internet at high speed at affordable prices! We use the latest technology and innovative solutions to meet any needs Of your business.

Wi-Fi network is quickly and easily installed without interfering with the work of employees and the construction of the building. Thanks to this, your employees will receive additional opportunities in interaction and coordination, which will increase the efficiency and, most importantly, the quality of Your business. Also any time you will be able to expand the network by connecting the new access points.


High quality

 Internet connection without interruptions and freezes


 Fast download of heavy files


 Communication with colleagues abroad without loss of communication quality

Office in the city

 Work anywhere in the city in the coverage area of the Sola network

Steps to connect

Application for connection
Installation of equipment and conclusion of the contract
Internet connection


* Maximum network speed