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Sola Media


SOLA MEDIA advertising service is a unique way of presenting advertising content in the SOLA Wi-Fi network provided to general public. Using SOLA MEDIA services you can be sure that your information will be seen

Advertising in SOLA MEDIA is relevant for any businesses that provide their guests with Wi-Fi. We make it possible not only to comply with the law, but also to receive additional income and loyal customers. In addition, advertising on a Wi-Fi network, unlike other types of advertising, is easily targeted (targeting by place, time, and even gender parameters is possible). Another undoubted advantage is the “no waste” ads, since their placement does not require paper, glue, or other consumables. Advertising can be presented in the form of: branding the authorization page, video advertising, as well as graphic and text ads.


views per month


Reach out to your target audience the minute they open their device to connect to Wi-Fi. Customers will view your ads in full-screen mode, in exchange for access to the Internet and your brand will grab the attention of users!

Ad Formats

The target audience

All kinds of targeting!

Video clip

The most popular content on the Internet!

SMS sending

Write directly to your customers!


Create polls among your customers!

Mobile applications

Direct downloads of your application by Wi-Fi users!

Advertising banners

Show your not-missed ads!


Send direct traffic to your website or Telegram channel!


Show your ad in the right place for the target audience.


In order to economically spend the advertising budget and get the most out of advertising, you need to show it only to those consumers who are more likely to be interested in a product or service and make a purchase. One way to do this is to apply location targeting.

Ads in the SOLA MEDIA advertising service can be targeted to people using the Wi-Fi network in specific locations. Your advertising will be seen by consumers who work, study, live or regularly visit the chosen place. You can select several locations and make a common advertising campaign for them. Or choose the type of location that you need: for example, markets, shopping and entertainment centers, or only higher education institutions.

Use geo-targeting to show ads to the target audience and those users who are difficult to reach with a "mass" advertising campaign.


Delivery time targeting is an option that allows you to customize the display of an advertisement by time during a certain period. For example: in the morning, 7 days a week; on weekdays throughout the year, etc. You can set your ads to run when the most orders or purchases are made. Or only during the opening hours of the store.


Demographic targeting - targeting based on the socio-demographic characteristics of the user. These include: age, gender, marital status, position, education, income, and so on. Demographic targeting allows you to reach customers who are most likely to relate to the groups you need according to your chosen criteria. For example, if you advertise a fitness center for women only, you can exclude male users from the target audience.