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Additional services

Troubleshooting Price list

Calling a technical specialist
25,000 sum
Replacement of the RJ 45, RJ11 connector
5,000 sum
Replacing the optical cable without taking into account the length of the cable
35,000 sum / for 1 point
Replacing the FTP/UTP cable without taking into account the length of the cable
20,000 sum / for 1 point
Installation of a network box, a plastic channel
10 000 sum / for 1 metre
Installation via a power outlet or replacement of an outlet
10,000 sum / for 1 point
Additional through hole in the wall
10,000 sum / for 1 pc.
Laying of optical cable (up to 2 fibers) - 1 meter
4,000 sum
Laying FTP/UTP cable - 1 meter
5,500 sum
Replacement of the optical patch cord for the GPON router
40,000 sum
Laying of optical cable (up to 8 fibers) - 1 meter
7,000 sum
Installation and cable work
Re-configuring the Wi-Fi router
20,000 sum
Speedtest at the request of the subscriber
20,000 sum
Transfer of access points (subscriber terminals), connection of additional devices to a local or wireless network (does not include setting up IP cameras)
20,000 sum / for 1 unit

*When providing any of the additional services, the subscriber pays for the call of a technical specialist + the cost of services

The departure of the technical specialist is carried out during working hours from 9:00-18:00 from Monday to Saturday (Within 3 working days after the registration of the application)

Payment for services is made for non-cash payment in the national currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the subscriber's personal account from the moment of work performed

Additional services and works not listed in the price list are paid at the contractual cost

The cost of installation and cable work does not include the cost of consumables