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About us

Bekzod Ahmedov


Alisher Jalolov

Technical Director

Georgiy Kostandov

Commercial Director

JV Asia Wireless Group LLC (SOLA trademark) is the first Wi-Fi operator in Central Asia to provide Internet users with a wide range of telecommunication services.

We contribute to the development of the digital industry in our country and create high-tech wireless networks to solve a wide range of everyday and business tasks. SOLA provides the ability to quickly connect and use the Internet anywhere, anytime, without additional equipment and traffic restrictions.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of millions of people by implementing the concept of creating a digital city.

For this, we provide subscribers with high-quality, profitable and convenient services, as well as a high level of service. We are constantly improving services, launching advanced services on the market so that our subscribers can find information, find news, make purchases, listen to music, chat with friends on social networks, exchange information in instant messengers, watch videos and much more! To realize the company's mission, we have united a professional team of like-minded people who are ready to invest their knowledge and experience in creating products that have no analogues in the market.

Join SOLA and get the maximum with the Internet without borders!