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Wi-Fi Offload

We invite to cooperation telecom operators and Internet providers.

Wi-Fi Offload technology offers mobile operators unique opportunities for a mutually beneficial partnership with SOLA, the first Wi-Fi operator in Central Asia.

Using the SOLA network infrastructure allows telecom operators to increase their own network coverage and expand the range of services, while maintaining a high level of service availability and controllability. The number of mobile device users is growing from year to year, which is characterized by an increase in demand not only for communicators, smartphones and tablets, but also for the quality of mobile traffic services. The load on the data transmission network of operators is constantly increasing, and, accordingly, it is necessary to increase the density of coverage, which entails significant financial costs.

As a solution to the problem, SOLA offers Wi-Fi Offload, that is, offloading traffic through a Wi-Fi network. In fact, this is the output of packet traffic from the operator’s radio network to the Wi-Fi network and the ability to provide services to the subscriber through partner networks. The introduction of technology will prevent overloading the voice data channel and basic mobile networks. Using Offload eliminates the need for investment in expensive base stations and provides carriers with an additional opportunity to provide high-quality data service using Wi-Fi unloading technology.

It is important for the subscriber to receive services with the required quality at the best price and he does not care what technology, operator or provider is used. It is important for the user to "be in touch always and everywhere." SOLA provides an opportunity to expand the coverage of its services with the help of our citywide network of wireless Internet access throughout the city at high speed and without traffic restrictions.