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Channels rental

The flow of transmitted information is constantly growing, and timely solution to the problem of optimizing communication can play a decisive role in the competition. SOLA provides telecom operators and companies with a large number of branches, representative offices, branches, as well as companies regularly experiencing the need to send significant amounts of information, modern and reliable wireless communication channels that provide communication at the highest level.

Such high-speed channels are characterized by:

  • high reliability of communication channels, guaranteeing the safety of data transmission;
  • a wide range of possible speeds, which guarantees the successful transmission of data of various types and volumes;
  • high flexibility of the provided network, which makes it easy to adapt the channel and, if necessary, quickly increase it;
  • the ability to create corporate networks in which communication is carried out directly without the participation of switching equipment.

The favorable price for renting communication channels will reduce costs, optimize internal communications and ensure efficient and safe data transfer using any protocols.