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Company advantages


Connect to the Internet from any device anywhere in the office or home and nearby areas


Unlimited Internet access with a guaranteed speed at affordable prices

Online always and everywhere

The ability to use the Internet wherever there is a network SOLA, using your login

Quick connection

The use of the latest technologies allows you to connect subscribers in just a few days

Our service

Internet for business — our solutions will improve the efficiency Of your business through the introduction of modern Wi-Fi technologies. 

Internet for home — thanks to Wi-Fi technology, you can always stay online or watch your favorite TV series from anywhere in your home. 

Wi-Fi Offload — due to the increasing traffic, cellular operators are experiencing more and more network loads, however, our Wi-Fi Offload solution allows you to reduce the load by unloading part of the traffic into the Wi-Fi channel. 

Wi-Fi bridge — due to the expensive cabling, we suggest combining two access points into a single bridge. 

Wi-Fi advertising — a diverse range of services to promote your business by placing ads on the Wi-Fi network.

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To use our services you do not even need to come to our office. It is enough to fill in the application for connection and our operators will contact you.

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Urban Wi-Fi network "Sola Free"

SOLA offers stable and high-speed Internet after view ads in places where our coverage is present.

You can view mail, read news, chat with friends, watch videos and share photos on social networks while within range of the network.

About us

JV "Asia Wireless Group" LLC (SOLA trademark) is the first Wi-Fi operator in Central Asia, providing Internet users with a wide range of telecommunication services.

We contribute to the development of the digital industry in our country and create high-tech wireless networks to solve a wide range of everyday and business tasks. SOLA allows you to quickly connect and use the Internet anywhere, anytime, without additional equipment and traffic restrictions.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of millions of people by implementing the concept of creating a digital city.

Into the future with us!